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Minimum system requirements:

  • Intel Pentium 4 / AMD Athlon 64 processor or above
  • 256 MB RAM or above
  • 2 GB free space on the hard disk
  • Internet connection is needed to download, activate, and maintain updates

Get your mcafee code


How to get install or activate McAfee with Activation code ?

First you need a McAfee activate code or Registration code handy with you then if you have McAfee antivirus Retail Card is the most commonly known way to install McAfee protection then there must be a activation code and web address  which is on the back on your McAfee Retail Card. Now you need to follow that McAfee activation link by following the instruction provided and if you have a CD version of your McAfee security product then insert it in to your CD or DVD drive and wait for it to autostart and if it doesn’t automatically open then manually go in to your CD/DVD drive and run the McAfee set-up or installation file. – Complete Protection by McAfee Activate 

Now these days the online viruses, spywares are on the rise and also the internet hackers can easily target the home computer users who don’t have Protection or security installed or configured in their PC, Intel company offers great security products for Protection like McAfee Live Safe , McAfee Internet security, McAfee Total Protection, McAfee Antivirus plus and McAfee All access etc which can provide complete protection like E-mail protection, firewall and inbuilt PC Tune up on your PC’s, Laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

Why You Need To Activate McAfee?

McAfee Security Retail Card is a easiest way to do McAfee Activate and McAfee installation because CD’s can be unreadable due to crashes in transport and also most of the new computing devices do not have CD/DVD drives so its really hard for computer user to install Antivirus using CD’S but with McAfee Retail Card you can easily complete McAfee Activation and McAfee installation just by following a simple web address online but in but due to internet browser issues like plugins and adware’s you will not be able to Activate your McAfee Retail card and if you are in the same situation and do not have any idea where to go and how to deal with McAfee Activate & download then we are here to help you for the activation & installation of your security product.

Follow the steps below before starting with McAfee Activate

  • Remove all the unwanted and conflicting antivirus software’s from your computer.
  • Update your OS to latest and make sure all the updates are installing successfully.
  • Remove the unnecessary files like junk files,Pre-fetch folder and temporary files from your computer. .
  • Check if your system configuration meets the minimum system requirements.
  • Still facing problems for McAfee Activate, We can help you with McAfee Activate online.

US Technician Team Can Fix Your Computer Related Problem In One Day

With attention on service excellence, we are committed to making the management of all, or components of your system easy, reliable and secure. Our US and UK -based service team is available at any time to handle problems.We Providing Technical Support For United States of America (US) and United Kingdom (UK)

McAfee Activate , USA(united state)and UK(United Kingdom) Customer-support Technician Team Can Fix Your Antivirus Related Problem we are activate  product easy, reliable and secure your system . Our US and UK -based service Customer support team is available at any time to handle problems.

In some cases McAfee Activate or didn’t work because of your browsers issues but don’t worry We are here to Perform a free Diagnosis of Internet Browser, And If we found any unwanted programs or internet browser is already infected with lot of popups then we can remove it and then do the McAfee Activation, download, installation & complete configuration of your McAfee Retail Card Security product..

To Activate McAfee & Download Please follow the below given web address as per of your Product Version
Click on A single link to proceed with McAfee Activate
Activate url for McAfee Antivirus Plus or MAV Retail card
Activate url for McAfee Live Safe or MLS Retail card
Activate website for McAfee Total Protection or MTP Retail card
Activate website for McAfee Internet Security or MIS Retail card

Call US Toll Free Or Live Chat With us If you need Online Help & Support for Retail Card Activation & Installation.
Call US Toll Free Or Live Chat With our Technicians If you need Online Help & Support for McAfee Retail Card Activate, McAfee activation & McAfee Installation.